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96 Well Plates
Transparent polystyrene (PS) 96 well microplate, flat bottom
Caps for sample tubes
Push cap, for sample tubes with a diameter of 10 and 11 mm, LDPE, neutral.
Cleaning Vial for Tube Rack 60-3-63
Transparent polystyrene (PS) tube 12mL, 40 x 23.5 mm
Inline Filter for Sheath Container
Disposable in-line filters for isolation of the sheath bottle fluid from any debris or aggregates. Inline Filters for Sheath Fluid are made from monofil nylon mesh 60 µm...
Pipette tips 2-200 µL
Yellow polypropylene (PP) pipette tips 2-200 µL
Pipette tips 50-1000 µL
Blue polypropylene (PP) pipette tips 50-1000 µL
Plastic Petri dishes, 6 cm
Transparent polystyrene (PS) Petri dishes, 60 x 10 mm
Rack for sample tubes
Rack made of polycarbonate (PC), transparent, with 18 apertures in a grid. External dimensions (WxHxD): 70 x 40 x 137 mm, aperture Ø 12.8 mm for sample tubes.
Sample cup for Robby autoloader
Transparent polystyrene (PS) sample vial, 3.5 ml, 38 x 14 mm, conical base.
Sample tube for Sysmex flow cytometers
Transparent polypropylene (PP) tube, 3.5 mL, 55 x 12 mm, round base.
Sample Tubes 5 mL with cap
Transparent polypropylene (PP) tube, 5 mL, 57 x 15.3 mm, flat/conical base, with assembled cap, 100 sterile pieces packed in the bag
Samples Tubes 2 mL
Transparent polypropylene (PP) reaction tubes or "micro tubes", 2 mL, without push cap
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