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CyFlow Cube 6
The CyFlow Cube 6 is a compact benchtop flow cytometer for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Different CyFlow Cube 6 configurations to select from...
CyFlow Cube 6 (V2m)
The CyFlow® Cube 6 (V2m) is a compact bench-top flow cytometer for the analysis of microorganisms, single cells and microscopic particles. The CyFlow® Cube 6 (V2m) is a CyFlow®...
CyFlow Cube 8
The CyFlow Cube 8 is a compact flow cytometer for the analysis of single cells and microscopic particles with a high grade of integration. The CyFlow Cube 8 offers the unique...
CyFlow Ploidy Analyser
The CyFlow Ploidy Analyser is a compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis, high-resolution DNA and genome size analysis for plants, animals and micro-organisms. This modular...
CyFlow Space
CyFlow Space – its flexibility gives you the space you need for your work The CyFlow Space is a high-performance multi-laser flow cytometer, which offers the most flexible,...
CyScope Plus HP
Fluorescence and transmitted light microscope The CyScope HP is a uniquely innovative microscope, offering LED fluorescence and light microscopy in a compact design and...
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